“Chad, Today was extremely informative. Thank you for he information and assistance. I look forward to consulting and working with you again in the future. Thank you again. And how can someone not be enthusiastic about a lifestyle and sport that gives you so much freedom. Thanks again.”


“Hi Chad, thank you so much, not only for the fit but also information provided. I rode some more today and it felt great. Was feeling better in and out of the saddle, no shoulder issues. Not sure if it’s just the HB position or also the tips you have me for the pedal stroke, but I really felt stronger without feeling I was working harder. Also thank you for speaking with Juan, however I may try and find the 2015 somewhere as for some reason I am partial to the red. Thanks again.”

Todd T

Challan, Wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate and have enjoyed the intro into cycling. When I first started nearly three years ago I had just given up running, doctors orders. (Kind of like breaking up with Miss California and then meeting Miss Texas. (or vice versa!) As much as I believe in new chapters,will miss the old place and the environment you both created. You guys have a lot of talent in what you do so no doubt the future holds great things. Never underestimate your ability to impact others.

Jackie G

Hi Chad, Thank you so much- had a ride on Saturday and did tailwinds last night- so so much better. Power is up, no leg – hip pain. Thanks!


“Chad, Kirby and I cannot thank you enough for last night. You went above and beyond accommodating both of our fits and staying so late. That was so kind of you.
I sincerely apologize again for being late and scrambling to find parking. I was quite embarrassed. Nonetheless, we really appreciated everything.
I hope you have a great weekend and we will keep you posted with how the race went. Thank you so much again!”


“Hi Chad,
I was able to bike 30 miles on Saturday (UWS to GW bridge then river road and back by 9W) and almost 50 miles on Monday (UWS to Piermont and back) with no knee pain so it looks promising. Will try to push it to 70 miles this weekend and see how it goes.

Helge Petermann

“Hi Chad, Thanks again for doing the bike fitting for Katharina and me last week.
Katharina is fired up about cycling. She did her Triathlon in cleats this weekend and finished 3rd woman overall. I think the fitting has really made it much more efficient for her to ride her bike and she is now very motivated to train. Hopefully this will help her with her next race, which is the NJ State Triathlon in late July…

I am also very happy with the adjustments that you made to my bike. It feels great. I pb’d in CP last night and my knee is ok (the trouble really seems to be from running rather than cycling). We look forward to staying in touch and will make sure to recommend you to our friends. Cheers.”


You are a miracle worker. I feel 1) aero and 2) powerful in my new position! and it’s not even that uncomfortable. I feel like my hip angle is totally fine. I did 4x10min at ~265-70W today! that’s the best numbers I’ve gotten all season by far.”


Road bike is feeling great — loving the new position…got me a top 5 finish at yesterday’s race 🙂 also falling in love with this saddle.
Looking forward to discussing TT bike.”


“Hi Chad!
It was very nice to meet you last week as well. Thank you for taking so much time with me! I was a little nervous going into the Montauk ride since I basically rode the bike home and hopped on it next for the 150 but…it was great! Probably for the first time ever, I could just ride without feeling like I needed to start shifting around trying to find a comfortable spot. I also got new shorts, and I know you think of them like a band aid, but in this case they were more like sprinkles!!! Just added to the joy! Between the two changes, it was a different experience.
Thank you again for everything!”