John E

“This is my and my wife’s 2nd winter training at Endurance Werx. Chad is an encyclopedia of knowledge with cycling training and weight training. His bike fits are 2nd to none! I’ve been fitted on my 2 road bikes and X bike and my wife on her road bike and x bike, what a performance difference. Plus the road riding days with Chad have been awesome. Hi highly recommend getting involved, if you want to improve your speed and power on the bike.”

Sasha O.

Thanks so much! It was a great experience. I feel very comfortable riding the new bike.

Marc A.

Thanks very much for the info and fit. It was a very good experience and I learned quite a bit. The document is super precise and even though there were only a few tweaks I did go out yesterday and noticed the difference right away. It was cold so I wasn’t out very long but enough to get the “feel” of the re-positioning. I felt good and can’t wait to ride more. I will definitely recommend you and John to anyone I know who is interested.

Henry D.

Thank you for such a great experience. I appreciated the science based information behind the fitting. Fittings and follow up should always have this level of knowledge attached to it.
I have been on the bike twice since the fitting and I feel much better with 1) the ankle angle change and 2) the lowered position of the handle bars. Awesome experience over all. Thank you again and I will see you guys in 3 weeks, sometime after Christmas.

Devin K.

Thanks Chad, i enjoyd the fit too and thought it was super helpful.  As a last piece, i just ordered a couple of 130mm WTB Rocket saddles to swap in, as those have always fit me well.

And, while i haven’t done anything super gnar yet, i feel like the bike actually handles better in the new position, maybe because the front wheel is more properly weighted.
Finally, absolutely, i’m happy to leave a good review.

Kus B.

Thanks for the follow up.  I did 4 days indoor after the fit and felt like I wanted to bring the saddle up a bit.  I went up a half cm and felt good,  more utilization of all of the leg muscles(prior I felt more quad isolated)…,Now more post chain inclusive.  I went out across the river and road from Piermont to fort lee(nice fresh pavement Btw) I noticed the benefit of being lower to the handlebars sans neck pain.  My shoulders and back feel better and overall my legs don’t feel spent going back to back days.  I’d feel hip and quad pain that would hamper riding or efforts especially seated prior to fit.  I’m going to stay with this stack and reach.

Tom F.

Thank you very much for the bike fitting today Chad. You were great and the bike fit feels fantastic. I will definitely be recommending you.



Stephanie H.

Thank you so much- the fit made a world of difference. I was on the bike for almost 4 hours, and didn’t have any issues with back pain. The bars felt 100% more comfortable, and I think the cleat placement made a big difference too. I’m looking forward to seeing how the fit affects my ability to spin at higher cadences, but I have high hopes. Overall really pleased!

Sheera L.

I wanted to let you know that I had a MUCH better ride today…thanx to you (Got in 83 miles and over 5,000 feet of climbing) with no neck pain.

Laurent M.

Hi Chad,
Wanted to try my bike for a while before sending you a message.
So far the adjustments, even though very small, worked very well.
Really appreciate the help and will let you know when I decide to buy my tri bike to do a fitting.