About enduranceWERX

  enduranceWERX is a coaching company specializing in cycling and mountain bike bike fitting and coaching. Our fit studios offer 3D fitting technology from Retul and our certified fit specialists provide the best fit experience possible. We have all the tools and products necessary to achieve a comfortable AND efficient position for your needs and limitations. No matter what your reason, a fit from us will answer all your questions and demonstrate the importance of bike fit in the process. We are located in Harlem, NYC and Northern Westchester county. 

Our Westchester location is a 3 min walk from the Cortlandt Train station in Montrose, NY. Just a 40 min train ride from NYC and 5 min from the trailhead at Blue Mountain Reservation, our Westchester location is perfect for those interested in MTB and adventure cycling. In addition to our niche bike products including OPEN and Cleary Bikes (for the kids) we provide indoor cycling classes using the latest technology from Wahoo fitness and Zwift. There is also a weight training area with a squat rack and TRX training system for specific training related to cycling.

Our Harlem location is within JS Cycle just two blocks north of Central Park!  We have partnered with Juan and Maria, owners of JS Cycle because of our shared passion for cycling. JS Cycle believe in the benefits of our fit process and now we offer the service to all our clients and athletes while maintaining an unbiased assessment of the bike fitting and purchasing process.  Being partners with Juan and Maria offer many benefits related to the sales and mechanical service of your bicycle and combined with our full network of medical professionals we can ensure whatever problems you face, we have an answer!




whooaa I just finished a workout and I’m getting a lot more power, like the power from a squat into the pedals. The insoles feel awesome- like power from the hips and legs connect to the cranks directly. Before, it was like I was pedaling on stilettos. thank you for your help!

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