I may be bias, I believe bike fit matters. A good position takes time to refine. Some riders take longer to find the right balance of comfort and performance but once you have a position that works, it needs to be guarded. Individuals pay a lot of money to be fit professionally yet most have no idea where their current fit is relative to previous ones. A (if not The) major benefit of our Retul Fit system is the exact duplication of previous fits. Frame geometries vary tremendously between companies but given any new bike, we can replicate previous bike measurements to the millimeter.
However, duplication of rider position based solely on bike measurements requires the same equipment. A common mistake with bike duplication is assuming all saddles are created equal. Saddle shapes not only influence comfort but can also change where your body sits relative to the bike. We need to know where your body is positioned over the bike with that new saddle. Having a full 3D Retul Fit when you move to new equipment eliminates this variable. Using Retul we can tell where your body sits relative to your bike, and duplicate that as well. Knowing the combination of BIKE MEASUREMENT and RIDER POSITION with a new bike is your best chance of fit duplication and transitioning without problems.

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