“Road 75 miles up to Bear Mt this Sunday and the bike fit made a big difference! Was even more surprised that I was significantly faster up the hills (didn’t think that would be the case), makes me wonder if it had anything to do with using different muscles differently and as a result it was like riding on “fresher” legs (just speculating).  I was riding so much faster with greater ease that the guys I was riding and who I normally ride with were in somewhat in awe (I am not trying to make it sound more dramatic than it was but that was literally the case) – in fact, so much so that I switched bikes with one of my buddies on the way back to prove to him that it was the bike and not me that was responsible for the difference. Needless to say that when I switched bikes with him we both immediately felt the difference – I have no doubt that you will be getting a call from him this week for a bike a fitting.” – David 7/23/2012