In two weeks Allan and I will participate in the Deerfield Dirt-Road Randonnee, a 180k dirt road adventure on the back roads of Northern Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. Our exploits always bring out our childhood passion for riding anything two wheeled and we are excited to ride together as a duo. We will ride the entire route side-by-side and attempt to do it in record time. Pursuits like this should be sought out with comrades, sharing in the adversity and savoring the adventure. A few great companies and sponsors will aid our adventure and in the coming days we will outline our thoughts behind the equipment, training, and nutrition used to ride the 2017 D2R2. Our ambitions are simple: ride together, push the limits, and revel in every minute! #dirtpursuits @endurancewerx @openbikes @velocioapparel @ride100percent @untappedmaple @SpeedplayPedals @laufforks #D2R2 #mapleenergy #mapletothemasses #syzrpedals

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