Bike Fitting

Proper bike fit is the foundation cycling ability is built upon. We fit all ability and experience levels.  Just as proper movement is crucial before adding load in strength training, appropriate position which promotes optimal body function is the foundation of continual progression. Bike Fit can be daunting for cyclists and triathletes. There are so many questions concerning saddle and cleat position, handlebar reach and height, equipment choices, etc. Your best fit requires a unique balance of stability, efficiency, and comfort. Let us help and educate you about the details of your alignment and find what WERX!

$349 / $299NYC / Westchester

RETÜL 3D Bike Fit on existing bike
  • -Biomechanical Analysis
    -Cycling-specific flexibility & functional strength assessment
  • Dynamic 3D motion capture of full body movements to determine optimal position 
  • Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bike fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry 
  • Additional bike priced at $175 when bikes are fit consecutively (for example road and mountain bikes fit back to back). 
For new bike purchase
$399 / $349NYC / Westchester

"Fit First, Buy Later"
  • -Biomechanical Analysis
    -Cycling-specific flexibility & functional strength assessment
  • Accurate, unbiased, objective recommendations of optimal frame geometry and parts 
  • Follow-up appointment for final bike setup (bike build and bike tuning NOT included) 
  •  FrameFinder bike compatibility analysis and report for applicable bike lines
$249 / $199NYC / Westchester

Available for clients who have already been through an enduranceWERX Retül fitting, and have purchased a new bike
  • Appropriate for any bike type (Road, Time Trial, Triathlon, MTB) regardless of original fit type or date 
  • If you experience problems with your fit, a follow-up appointment made within 4 weeks of the original fit is free of charge 

    During the assessment our bike fit professional will discuss your goals, riding style, capabilities, and physical limitations. Each one of these aspects will be taken into consideration before we begin to make any adjustments. During this time we will also test your flexibility and body proportions before we put you on the bike. The knowledge gained from understanding your individual limitations and weaknesses will help us develop the best possible position for you and your bike.
    Now it's time to get on your bike so we can perform detailed measurements of your current bike setup and body position. This is when we will look at your cleats, saddle, handlebar, knee, back, hand, and leg positions taking careful note of how your current setup is affecting your performance. Significant attention is placed on each aspect of the measurement process to ensure your individual fit is maximized for your goals.
    Now that we have the proper measurements we will analyse the data and begin to develop the most effective bike position and adjustments for your body. Our bike fit professional will educate you on the rationale for changing your position and what you can expect for performance.
    We will now make the necessary adjustments to your seat, cleats, and handlebars to give you the most effective position on the bike specific to your body. After completing the adjustments we will give you a side by side comparison of your before and after position. Our special video screen will allow you to see the changes we have made to your body and bike position. Before we let you ride off on your professionally fit bike we will make sure to capture all of the notes and measurements taken during the fit process. This information will be sent to you in a PDF along with your before and after video for your records. Make sure to save your results and take them with you when ever you travel with your bike so you will always have your proper bike fit position. Now, time to ride!